Shared Purpose

the implications of us having a shared purpose in this class. What other examples of shared purpose you have seen or experienced? What does it mean to learn with a shared purpose? And what are the implications?

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to share a purpose with this class.  While I do believe that as higher education students, specifically, those that focus in education, we share a purpose to begin with.  I think that recognizing the shared purpose and identifying it, makes it more real and easier to work together.  I also think that identifying a shared purpose makes it easier to collaborate.  How many times have you been apart of a team or a group that you’ve felt like screaming “we’re on the same side!”.  Each week, I glance at my peers blogs, and I feel that I’ve worked to build a clearer understanding of connected earning.  Our shared purpose as a class has been to build that knowledge and I’ve leaned on my peers to help me build an understanding.

  1. Shared purpose this week.. As I stated above, this class was designed for us to further our knowledge or gain knowledge of connected learning.  However, the way that our professor has designed the course, we lean on each other to figure out what our shared purpose is and to build on it.
  2. As educators we all share the purpose to educate children.  In this class – I think we take it a step further.  We have learned to identify opportunities for equity and learned to identify inequities.
  3. Our class meetings have also helped build our shared purpose.  Sometimes (okay, many times) I just don’t see the connectivity piece in some of our conversations and readings.  Hey, I’m still learning – it’s a work in progress.  Hearing other peoples take aways and understandings helps me to digest different elements as well as see things in a different light.
  4. I really enjoyed the video “No water, no life”.  I feel this connects these students to people all over the nation – it makes others hear their message.  For me, I also think how it connects these students to children all over the world who suffer with scarce resources.
  5. This article regarding fair trade products and the Harry Potter Alliance was really inspiring.  This is a fantastic example of those putting their heads together to achieve something so incredible.  This kind of reminds me of all of the “one for one” organizations, like Toms or a personal favorite, Sustainable Harvest Coffee.  Yes, we can all think of products or companies that donate to a cause, but I really appreciate the fact that these companies are speaking out about the issues, not just advertising that they help conqueror issues.

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